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Like most professional groups, AfriTrainEx understands the purpose and value of company visions, missions and values.
But while these three things serve to identify what a company ultimately does and how it works and how its representatives are expected to behave, it’s wise to look at whether any company can perform on the commitments implied by visions etc.
Around the world there are issues that impact employee performance. Creating competence is not just a South African challenge. But in this country, competence and communication are especially tall hurdles to success. Our history of second rate schooling of the bulk of citizens added to the multi lingual challenges on the sub continent make it imperative that a training company have superlative employees. Its trainers must themselves be experienced in the real world, be mature, and be able to communicate at different levels and in different languages. This is especially important when trainers deal with people whose education has mainly been gained from the school of experience rather than formally through classrooms, books and exams.
If we look into AfriTrainEx the company, with the intention of checking it against the above criteria, we find that its trainers generally train in English and use training material in English (as per NQF) but are typical South Africans in their multilingual competence. They are collectively able to clear up any confusion in Afrikaans, Sesotho, Setswana, Sepedi, Zulu, and have some Xhosa skills.
We further find that the training staff have 158 years of work experience throughout Southern Africa and have Caterpillar accreditation. They are qualified as mechanics and as trainers of operators. Their practical experience includes working on building roads, dams, bridges and surface mining. They have been involved in developing national qualifications, unit standards, and training material. They can facilitate, moderate and assess. They have assisted companies to set up their own training processes and facilities.
So yes, we think AfriTrainEx is a company that can demonstrably deliver on its Vision, mission and objectives whilst living its values
“People are people through people”

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