Beyond Accreditation & Certification in Mining and Construction

Today I want to share my views about going beyond certification through accredited training providers. It is law and it is very important to have certified employees by accredited training providers, AND it is also a matter of survival and differentiation to have skilled people beyond the minimum requirements as set out by the South African Qualifications Authority.

The other day I laughed when this guy said an i10 does the same job as a C class Merc – meaning, getting to a destination, lol…. Of course, this is true when the i10 driver is more skilled than the driver of the C class. Our artisans, our operators and our supervisors need skills beyond the certification that they already have. Our structured training courses give our course delegates opportunities to engage in discussions that bring the “WOW” effect in their lives. Things that they would not have read in a book come to life, and those are the moments for them to taste knowledge and skills beyond certification.

While morning meetings in some sites are filled with breakdowns and others blaming others, some sites discuss the amount of material moved at the lowest cost. We all deserve great morning meetings where we discuss profits and profits and profits and less of breakdowns and of blaming other departments. A happy workforce is a productive workforce….. And this reminds me of my other article with the heading Ä stitch in time saves nine…” We are geared up to assist those that are wanting to experience less breakdowns, quicker turnaround periods in machine repairs and a smooth site operation…..

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