Taking the “Eish” out of Learning and Development

Why AfriTrainEx Learning Programmes?                                                              

AfriTrainEx has a number of highly skilled facilitators who are willing to offer their expertise in learning & development as well as in the consulting space. AfriTrainEx can help companies with those important jobs that do not need a full-time employee or employees to perform them, but they need experts in the field to process and implement.

What We Can Offer?

  • Assist with interviewing new recruits
  • Facilitating training courses (soft skills courses, earthmoving equipment artisan courses as well as earthmoving equipment operator courses) including induction
  • Conducting needs analysis
  • Development of learning material and assessment tools

NB: Our consultants have operated in mining, construction, learning & development, and also in HR.

We are ready to assist companies to take the “Eish” out of learning & development initiatives…


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