The Importance of Repetition in Learning & Development.

Learning and development is an important initiative in many organizations. The focus is on getting employees certified in what they have to do and also in having the ability to do the job that they are employed for. The question I pose today is: “Is that enough?” To have a certificate in hand does that mean the person has arrived where they should be in terms of competence? My departure point today is: Doing a course once and having it on your CV, does that mean competence?

Many people will agree that attending a course over and over again has more benefits than just attending the course once. Most people walk away with some percentage of learning from a learning intervention, which is never 100%, this is according to Edgar Dale’s cone of learning. Edgar Dale’s cone of learning, suggests that no one learner can walk away from a training intervention with 100% of learning from that course, and that is where, we recommend that one should never say I have a certificate, and I have all the knowledge needed to do the job. Practise, unlearn, learn, practice, unlearn, learn and keep on learning…

At AfriTrainEx, we emphasize the need for learners to listen, practice, discuss, interrogate, present group findings as well as own findings and come up with action plans on how to implement learning back at the workplace. Interactions and group work during a learning intervention assist in getting people to learn new ways of doing things from other participants, this process becomes a success when the learning intervention is facilitated by experienced personnel, like those employed at AfriTrainEx. Contact me for more information on this topic, and let’s work on developing the competencies that are needed in your organization.

Skills shortage is still a major issue in our country despite the many people that have been retrenched from many organizations. This means that we do not have a workforce shortage, but simply a skills shortage. Let us embark on a journey to create new skills that are needed in the workplace to close the void that is caused by a lack of skills within organizations, while we are having more than a required number of employees in those organizations.

In 2019, AfriTrainEx will be running courses like: Performance Management, Course in the Implementation of Management Principles, Time Management, Presentation Skills, Employee Relations (for managers and employees), Earthmoving Equipment Artisan training, Operator and Operator Supervisors’ training. All these courses can be facilitated at your preferred venue or at our venue in Pomona, Kempton Park. Our aim is to assist you, our valued client, to eliminate the “Eish” out of learning and development.

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