About Us

AfriTrainEx is a newly-formed entity that provides premier learning and development solutions to organisations in the mining, construction and other related sectors and industries within Southern Africa.

Our name encompasses our defining characteristics:

  • We are African, not just in our origin but also in our guiding philosophy of Ubuntu (Afri).

  • Training is our forte. We are passionate about learning and development (Train).

  • Ex is the embodiment of our values: Excellence, Expertise, Excitement, and Expediency (Ex).


A leading provider of learning and development solutions in the Mining & Construction sectors, and other related industries. AfriTrainEx believes in partnerships and collaboration with all stakeholders (OEM’s, Community, Clients, Suppliers and Partners) to provide meaningful solutions in a niche environment while promoting the Ubuntu Spirit, Safety, Health and environmental practices in all that we do.

  • To contribute to the skills in the professional skills society of mining and construction sectors.

  • Our learning and development initiatives will promote the upliftment of the communities we operate in; which will see our learners grow and develop in their careers.

  • To provide leadership development courses to all industries.


We offer expedient and executable learning solutions that enable our clients in mining and construction industries to sustain profitability and growth by optimising production through suitably qualified artisans, earthmoving equipment operators, operator trainers and operator supervisors.

Our partnership with relevant SETAs, industry experts and suitably certified learning & development practitioners enables the execution of this mission.


  • Excellence: The quality of being outstanding; of being truly the best at what we do.

  • Expertise:  The quality of imparting a high level of knowledge or skill while maintaining a high regard for, and proficiency in safety, health and environment standards. Our focus is on maintaining credibility in areas of expertise.

  • Excitement:  The quality of creating a feeling or situation full of activity, joy, exhilaration and upheaval.

  • Expediency: The quality of providing suitable and appropriate solutions notwithstanding the conditions at hand.