Assessing Operator Competencies

Why attend this learning programme?

This course covers the basic operation of an earthmoving equipment machine. Course delegates will gain an in-depth knowledge of safety related to machine operation, the operation of the machine component systems, and operating techniques of the machine and how to assess competencies of machine operators.

Who should attend?

This course is targeted for Operator Trainers and those in charge of assessing Operator competencies

What are the course pre-requisites?

Course delegates must have a working knowledge of earthmoving equipment machines, construction and or mining and must be able to communicate at an NQF level 3: literacy and numeracy

What are the learning outcomes?

Demonstrate knowledge of the functions of a machine
Explain how to plan for work activities and prepare work area
Explain how to start and shut down a machine
Explain the operation a machine according to the operator’s manual
Explain how to transport a machine to and from site
Assess competencies of earthmoving equipment machine operators

Course Duration?

5 Days

What will you learn?

Day One:
Course introduction,
Warning labels and signs
Safety relating to the operation of the machine
Risk assessments, and machine safety
Day Two:
Plan for work activity and walk around inspections / pre-shift inspection
Introduction to:
The 4-stroke engine cycle
Air induction system
Fuel system
Cooling and lubrication system
Day Three:
Warning system
Machine controls, start and shut down the machine
Day Four:
Operating techniques
Assessment of machine operators
Day Five:
Operating techniques
Assessment of operators and closure

What is the preferred number of delegates per course?

For the best benefit to learners, we require a minimum of 5 delegates and a maximum of 15 delegates for the theory training.