CAT Electronic Technician (ET)

Why attend this learning programme?

This course covers the basic navigation of CAT ET programme including saving, retrieving, and printing of documents. Course delegates will be able to confidently diagnose, retrieve, and print all available documents for correct maintenance and service report writing to the desired quality standard.


Who should attend?

This course is targeted for all earthmoving equipment technicians, who want to increase their knowledge and understanding of machine systems for troubleshooting and maintenance purposes.


What are the course pre-requisites?

Course delegates must have a working knowledge of earthmoving equipment machine systems, basic computer skills and must be able to communicate at an NQF level 2: literacy and numeracy.


What are learning outcomes?

  • List the possible causes for ET not to communicate
  • Select the correct Communication Adapter
  • Connect the computer to the machine and get ET to function properly
  • Explore/ Navigate all available menus and screens
  • Retrieve, save and print documents
  • Record and save data using Data Logger and Real-Time Graphing
  • Conduct Engine Diagnostics using ET


Course Duration

4 Days


What will you learn?

Day One:

  • Introduction to CAT ET
  • Explain the course objectives
  • Connecting the computer to get ET to work
  • Navigating through CAT ET screens

Day 2:

  • Continue navigating through CAT ET screens
  • Retrieving, saving, and printing of documents

Day 3:

  • Analyzing data
  • Conduct Engine Diagnosis

Day 4:

  • Practical Application on a machine of choice
  • Course consolidation
  • Learner Final Assessment

What is the preferred number of delegates per course?

For the best benefit to learners, we require a minimum of 6 delegates and a maximum of 12 delegates for the training.