Coaching & Mentoring

Why attend this learning programme?

This introductory course to Coaching & Mentoring will equip leaders with the tools to implement a mentoring and coaching approach to help unlock potential, reinforce strengths and counteract any negative behaviour, all with the aim of maximising the individual’s performance.


Who should attend?

This course is targeted for supervisors and managers that have employees reporting to them that need coaching and mentoring. The course is ideal for employees that are following some learning programme as in internship, learnership or apprenticeship.


What are the course pre-requisites?

Course delegates must have a working knowledge of basic management principles and must be able to communicate at an NQF level 3: literacy, numeracy, and computer literacy.


What are the learning outcomes?

Define coaching, mentoring and the GROW model.
Identify and set appropriate goals using the SMART technique of goal setting.
Identify the steps necessary in defining the current state or reality of your employee’s situation.
Identify the steps needed in defining options for your employee and turn them into a preliminary plan.
Identify the steps in developing a finalised plan or wrapping it up and getting your employee motivated to accomplish those plans.
Identify the benefits of building and fostering trust with your employee.
Identify the steps in giving effective feedback while maintaining trust.
Identify and overcoming common obstacles to the growth and development of your employee.
Identify when the coaching is at an end and transitioning your employee to other growth opportunities.
Identify the difference between mentoring and coaching, using both to enable long-term development through a positive relationship with your employee.


Course Duration?

2 Days


What will you learn?

Day One:
Learner orientation
Introduction to coaching and mentoring
Introduction to the: “GROW” model
Setting goals

Day 2:
Developing options
Trust and coaching
Transitioning the coachee

What is the preferred number of delegates per course?

For the best benefit to learners, we require a minimum of 6 delegates and a maximum of 20 delegates for the theory training.


Unit Std IDUnit Standard DescriptionNQF LevelNo of Credits
252895 - Apply 'best practice', mentoring, training and accountability in extension 610
252187Plan and conduct leading and mentoring of participants in outdoor adventure experiences54